Tuesday, 22 October 2013


It's been more than a year and I still have 0 photographs taken, but there are some news I can share with you, which have changed the situation for good.

I have a boyfriend for many years now. He's a year younger than me and he's amazing. The thing is... he didn't know about my blog, but he did know about my desire to photograph boys. He sometimes supported the idea and sometimes not (which is understandable). But I recently told him about the blog and he took it in a good way. I wanted to tell him before, but didn't have the courage, until he put me on a tricky position and I thought he knew something about the blog (which I later found out he didn't) so I confessed.  It didn't surprise him, on the contrary, he encouraged me to start taking the photographs (probably because he's tired of hearing me talk about how I want to do it, but don't do anything).

Anyway, the other good news is that I now live on my own. It's usual in Peru that people move out of their parents house very late and this was the time for me. Now I have what will probably be my first location. (I wonder if there are friends who follow my blog and right now are realizing that they may know me). But I will still need other settings, so I have to start a wider search for locations.

I asked my bf if he was ok with me writing about us and apparently he was, but I'm not so sure. Depending on what he says when I ask again, I might be starting a more narrative side for the blog where I'll share some personal/couples stuff (not forgetting the usual boy pics). Right now I can say that it's an interesting relationship, a nontraditional one. It's not an open relationship, but we're very open minded and sincere with each other (ok, except for the blog I kept from him). I'm his first boyfriend and hopefully his last, lol. We've been together for 7 years now, with our ups and downs, but generally very well.

Going back to the subject of the photographs, one of the reasons why I hadn't started yet and why I hadn't told my bf about the blog was because I was waiting to finish something personal first, but apparently... I haven't finished it and I don't know when will I (although hopefully soon). But now that my bf knows and has encouraged me to start taking the photographs, I will speed up.

Sorry about being absent for so long. I had lost some of my motivation and then I moved out, so my time is scarce. But I'll try to start posting again, or at least writing (which I might find more enjoyable).

Until soon,


  1. welcome back! I can relate about your post there with your bf. Though you're not really specifying situations but I know we have more likely the same experience. I wanna be his first and last boyfriend.. Hehe! Oh well, more power to this page. :)

  2. Its a sincere expression about feeling..
    Same here..been with my boyfriend for the past 10 years and we share a lot except that he doesn't want to involve in my blog..

  3. Sei o quento é complicado romances. Quando os terminei, na década de 90, creio que em 1996 tive meu último namorado, é que de fato comecei a transar mais e me relacionar com as pessoas, especialmente os garotos, garotos tão interessantes como o da foto (coisa fantástica um garoto tão gostosinho com uma vara linda e um corpinho bem feito!!!). Lógico que de 1996 até hoje, 18 anos, não são todos os garotos maravilhosos, nem todos são exatamente meu gênero. Nos dias de hoje, especialmente aqui no Brasil, em locais de garotos de programa, eles estão muito afeminados, e isso eu não gosto. Gosto de garotos não profissionais, que curtam se deixarem chupar, que comam gostoso o meu rabo. Acho que não só eu mais a maioria dos gays. Ainda está curtindo o seu namorado? Descobri o seu blog há pouco e estou sentindo falta de novas postagens. Em 2014, e já estamos em setembro, foram apenas 3 as postagens. Mudastes de blog. Destes uma pausa? Aguardo notícia. GAÚCHO/PORTO ALEGRE/BRASIL.