Wednesday, 27 March 2013


About three weeks ago the blog had a dramatic increase in visitors, reaching my current record of almost 4000 unique visitors in one day (usually it's around 2000). I was excited and wondered why this had happened. I found out that my blog was listed in the first page of results in google when one searched for:
nude latin boys
nude asian boys
nude indian boys
I felt that I was probably doing something right. The thing is... some days ago, the number of visitors dropped dramatically, lol. The first thing I did was to search again for those terms and voila, my site wasn't any longer in the results.Search traffic had gone from almost 50% to 20%. It was a bit discouraging, but I suppose it's ok, I'm back to normal. I still wonder though, what got my site in the first page of results for those terms, and what changed afterwards.

This is an unusual post, evidently, but it might give you an insight on what's going on behind curtains. Pageviews, visitors, popularity. It's still a strange feeling having my own blog out there, for everyone to see. By the way, I didn't celebrate my blog's first year two days ago! Yay me! Here's the story of the blog from the "Google analytics" angle (quite a freefall at the end):

Anyway, about those photograph I'm expecting to shoot, it's taking a little bit longer than expected. The thing is it's not an easy step to take, more so when there's a bf involved, but it's still scheduled.

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