Tuesday, 12 February 2013


I'm still unable to organize my asian boys folders. The problem is with the studio or professional photos. With my collection of photographs from other ethnicities it's usually easy; some are porn studio material, some are more artistic/homoerotic photos, others are vintage and others, homemade or naturist photographs. In the case of the asian photographs, I have a huge stack of photographs that seem to fit into all the categories. Photographs which are not quite vintage, but look like they are, while at the same time homoerotic without falling into the porn category, but rather into a somewhat naugthy naturist category and sometimes even with a homemade feeling to them. So I can't sort them out and it's driving me mad. My appreciation on this is that asians photographers apparently have a much more natural and subtle, but at the same time provocative (is that possible?), way of depicting nudes, which I find very appealing.

Here's an example:

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